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Our Services

A) Orthopaedics

Dr Amin shah is a recognized leader in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic condition & injuries. He is focused on your recovery and dedicated to providing you exceptional orthopaedic care.

B) Gynaecology/Obstetrics

Gynaecological procedures, wide experience in performing hysteroscopy and laparoscopic procedures. Obstetricians available round the clock and handle high-risk pregnancies with the support of extremely well trained, experienced nurses and intensive care unit with all the required equipment and support staff. A paediatrician is present for all deliveries to handle any new-born emergency.

C) General Surgery, Urology & Nephrology

D) Critical Care Specialist & Doctors

Critical care specialists at Sapna hospital are dedicated to ensuring the survival of the most critically ill patients. Trained in the best of institutions around the world, these dedicated specialists work 24 X 7 to revive critically ill patients. They also manage critical care units efficiently, ensuring that the whole team of doctors, nurses and paramedics work together, using strict protocols to minimise infections, complications and ensure speedy recovery.

F) Others