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We are pleased to provide a complete range of different spine treatments once a full and thorough diagnosis of your condition has been carried out.  Accurate diagnosis leads to correct treatment.

Spine Injections

Injections are an excellent first option and may avoid the need for more involved treatments or surgery. Performed painlessly with sedation if you wish.

Lumbar Microdiscetomy

One of our most routinely performed operations ideal for key hole surgery.

Microdiscectomy is one of the most routinely performed operations and lends itself to keyhole surgery.

The aim of the procedure is to remove the loose fragment/s of disc which are pinching the nerve root and causing leg pain (sciatica).

We preserve the remaining healthy intact disc because this is a useful cushion or shock absorber in your back.

Spine Surgery Ghatkopar
Lumbar Fusion Ghatkopar

Lumbar Fusion

Performed expertly using minimally invasive techniques.

Lumbar Fusion is a big operation and we only recommend this as a last resort. Fusion can be performed well or badly and the experience of the surgeon is paramount.

We fuse the spine most commonly to stop excessive painful spinal movement at one or more levels of the spine.

Metal work (typically rods and screws) are used to hold the spine together allowing the spine to fuse.

Keyhole Surgery

Our specialists are highly trained in minimal access techniques. This protects your spine muscles, reduces operative pain and speeds recovery.

Cervical Discetomy & Fusion

A reliable way of relieving pinched nerves in the neck. Safely performed as a procedure in our specialist centre.

Lumbar Decompression

We make a small incision on the lower back and gently separate the muscles to reach the spine.

A small ‘window’ is made through the bone and ligament to identify the trapped nerves. Redundant tissue such as bony spurs, in-folded ligament, bulging discs are ‘nibbled’ away freeing up the compressed nerves.

Facet Joint Denervation

A positive improvement in back pain following injections indicates the facet joints may be the pain source.

If facet pain returns quickly after injections then facet joint denervation may be a good option.

Spine Physiotherapy

Our specialists are highly trained in spine mobilisation techniques. This protects your spine muscles, reduces operative pain and speeds recovery.

Lumbar Decompression Ghatkopar
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